Present Students and Postdocs

Manuel Guitierrez Villanueva (PhD, co-advisor with Teresa Chereskin, 2016-present)

Mitchell Chandler (PhD, co-advisor with Nathalie Zilberman, 2020 – present)

Olavo Badaro-Marques (PhD, committee member, 2018 – present)

Noel Brizuela (PhD, committee member, 2018 – present)

Shota Katsura (Postdoc, 2019-present)


Previous Students

Yueng D. Lenn (PhD, committee member, graduated 2006, now at U. Bangor);

Andrew Thompson (PhD, committee member, graduated 2006, now at CalTech);

Kyla Drushka (PhD, co-advisor with Sarah Gille, graduated 2011, now at APL/UW);

Gordon Stephenson (PhD, co-advisor with Sarah Gille, graduated 2013, now at NRL);

Yvonne Firing (PhD, committee member, graduated 2013, now at IOC Southampton);

Geoffrey Gearheart (PhD, co-advisor with Gerald Kooyman, graduated 2014);

Riley Gammon (PhD, committee member, graduated 2015, now at USGS)

Andrew Delman (PhD, co-advisor with Julie McClean and Lynne Talley, graduated 2015, now at JPL);

Marion Alberty (PhD, co-advisor with Jennifer MacKinnon, graduated 2018, now at Princeton U.);

Mariela Brooks (PhD, committee member, graduated 2019)

Arachaporn “Waen” Anutaliya (PhD, co-advisor with Julie McClean and Uwe Send, graduated 2019, now at Burapha University, Thailand)

Matthew Sprague (BS Honors, committee member, 2021, now at URI)


Previous Postdocs

Shenfu Dong (postdoc, 2004-2007, now at CIMAS, NOAA-AOML);

Alexa Griesel (postdoc, 2005-2009, now at U. Hamburg);

ChuanLi Jiang (postdoc, 2008-2011, now at NWR);

Kyla Drushka (postdoc, 2013-2014, now at APL/UW);

Shijian Hu (postdoc, 2015-2016, now at IOCAS, China);

Ru Chen (postdoc, 2016-2017, now at JPL);

Nan Zang (postdoc, 2017-2018, now at IOCAS, China)


External Graduate Students Supervised

PhD Candidate: Ms. Ajda Savarin, U. Washington, committee member, 2018-present

PhD Candidate: Dr. Salvienty Makarim, Xiamen University, China, committee member, 2018 – 2021

PhD Candidate: Dr. Giuliana Viglione, committee member, CalTech, 2017 – 2019

PhD Candidate: Dr. Cyril Germineaud (co-advised with Alex Ganauchaud and Sophie Cravatte, LEGOS, France), 2014 – 2016, University of Toulouse, France

PhD Candidate: Dr. Xiaoyue Hu, visiting student, IOCAS, China, 2017

MSc Candidate: Mr. Remi Ienny, visiting student, University Marseille, France, 2016

MSc Candidate: Ms. Yona Silvy, visiting student, ENSTA ParisTech University, France, 2016

MSc Candidate: Dr. Adele Revelard, visiting student, Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris, France, 2012